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Orchestra lifts and large size
lifting solutions

Multifunctional space layout and other benefits with a movable orchestra pit.

Movable pit for the band?


Yes! Just as our cultural spaces and theaters perform more and more functions, the different stages and auditoriums must also be adapted to the needs of different events and plays.

Orchestra pit lifts can be assigned different levels depending on the architectural features:

By raising it to the level of the front stage, the size of the stage can be increased

By raising it to the level of the auditorium, the capacity of the auditorium can be increased

When sent to the basement level, it can even function as a set carrier.


The orchestra pit can be moved together or even divided into parts, in which case it can be used for other scenic purposes as well!

Our colleagues are happy to give advice and preparation suggestions already during the planning process!

Take the opportunity to make contact with us!

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