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Curtains and textiles

When we think of a theater, one of the first things that comes to mind is the image of a red velvet curtain ruffling or opening. 


Our company has been supplying theaters and cultural institutions with flame-retardant draperies of various colors, sizes and styles for decades. During this time, we have created a unique supplier base, with which we can provide our customers not only theater velvets, but also any textile, cloth, silk or molton materials. 

Our main partner is J&C Joel Ltd, one of the world's largest manufacturers and traders of theater, film and event industry textiles, whose products can be viewed on this page:
Our company is the exclusive domestic distributor of J&C Joel products!


Because of the above, our services are no longer limited to theaters, we are happy to be at the disposal of all set designers, interior designers, contractors or even individuals looking for high-quality interior textiles!

We install or deliver the curtains ready-made to our customers!

Contact our colleagues with a request for a quote or for more information!

Behind Red Curtains
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