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Színpad- és Emelőgéptechnika Kft. has a full-time design team of 5 people.

Thus, in addition to the current designs necessary for our implementations, we have the opportunity to develop new machines, solutions or to improve our own existing devices in-house.

In recent years, we have developed a lot of special machines, including mobile point puller, scissor curtain mover, small-space, high-speed curtain mover machine, several types of lowering and lifting machine, mobile revolving stage, flying structure.

In addition to these, we also produced special moving structures built into the scenery.


If you have unique ideas too, contact us to find a solution to the challenges together!


Since the completion of the Hungarian National Theater, handed over in 2000, we have been involved in most of the largest domestic theater reconstructions or construction projects.

Thanks to our own design team and our fully equipped workshop, our company is also capable of handling complete projects and stage technical implementations.

Due to our experience, we can easily navigate through construction industry projects.

If you are looking for a stage technician, theater technician or contractor for any scenic task, contact us!

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The stage is a dangerous place, since the lifting, lowering, and rotations take place between and above people. Improperly maintained or checked equipment can quickly become a source of increased danger. An error detected and eliminated can prevent accidents and damage to the equipment.

Our company undertakes stage technical maintenance of theaters, cultural centers, music halls, or other facilities, either regularly, within the framework of a contract, or on a case-by-case basis throughout the country, or even beyond. We guarantee our contracted partners the fastest possible troubleshooting, even outside of working hours, without charging an on-call fee.

Make contact with our colleagues and ask for an offer!


Even with the most careful maintenance and handling (but especially without it), the moment comes when a piece of equipment needs repair or renovation.

Stage technology equipment is made up of countless complex elements, which wear and tear during use, and their lifespan is limited.


Although proper maintenance and increased attention can extend the life cycle of individual parts or machines, their repair and renovation will definitely become necessary sooner or later.

After reporting an error, we react quickly, assess the errors and (if possible) even repair them immediately on the spot. Our colleagues are at your disposal throughout the country and beyond. Renovations and major repairs are carried out under the supervision of our mechanical engineers, and by our colleagues experienced in the production and installation of stage equipment. If you notice an error, feel free to contact our colleagues and take action with us!

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