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SZIN-M VDH - Wire rope hoist

Space-saving solutions

We designed our self-developed hoists in such a way that they should take up little space and should be installed without a separate machine house during the mechanization of manual winches in theaters.  This machine capable of moving 4-6 ropes at the same time, can safely move loads above people's heads thanks to the built-in safety devices. With the silent and fast SZIN-M VDH hoists designed for theater needs, we can easily and safely set up professional theater technology.

Main characteristics:

  • the ropes are taken out at one point and can be steered in any direction

  • the lifting height can be selected up to 24 meters

  • 4-6 rope branches, the rope diameter is adapted to the load

  • theatrical, silenced double-brake

  • integrated load measurement

  • rope winding

  • can be ordered together with any control

  • specially selected, quiet operation motors and brakes

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