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SZIN-M FGH - Point hoist

Steady as she goes!

Our compact design, designed for a variety of tasks, can be useful for all theaters and cultural institutions. It can be used to move sets, lighting devices or even curtains. Even a small machine room can easily fit several machines next to each other. Without drum travel, it can perform the same tasks as a traveling drum puller.



Coilable rope length: 10-30 m

Maximum movement speed: 1.8 m/s

Total load capacity of drive unit: 600 kg

Number of rope branches that can be wound: 1-6 pcs

Diameter of coilable ropes: 3-8 mm

Equipment weight: 150-420 kg



Main characteristics:

  • compact design

  • can be easily arranged and fixed in various construction environments

  • control can be requested with different user interfaces (push-button, touch screen, remote control)

  • Under the name SZIN-M FPH, it can also be ordered as a single-rope point puller installed at the engine house level

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