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Screwdriver operated hoists

A smart solution for tight spaces!

In places that have tight spaces for movement, such as the backstages, set warehouses, and smaller cultural centers, - usually manually operated winches were often used. The disadvantage of these is that moving them is time-consuming and requires a lot of physical work. Replacing them with modern, controlled machines is expensive and not feasible in all cases. In such cases, a puller that can be moved with a screwdriver can be a good solution.

The hand winch is replaced by a rope drum with a brake and a self-locking gear, which winds the main rope or even directly the ropes of the scenery holder. Thanks to the elements used, the product complies with the BGV C1 accident prevention regulations, a certified product.

It is driven by a battery-powered screwdriver. A screwdriver can serve 3 to 6 scenery pullers.


Main characteristics:

  • lifting height: 8 meters

  • load capacity: 250 - 300 kg

  • ropes: 1 piece of 6 mm or 3-4 pieces of 4 mm

  • maximum movement speed: ~6 meters/minute

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