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SZIN-M SC HOIST - Scenery hoist

Lift up the wall!

With SC HOIST set pullers, we can handle the moving of sets, scenery, and curtains in theaters, studios, and cultural institutions, as well as moving projectors and lighting equipment. We adapt its dimensions and load capacity to the tasks agreed upon with the customer.



Width: 270 mm

Lattice set support tube (48 mm) length: max 12 m

Movement range: 8 or 13 m

Maximum movement speed: 0.6 m/s

Useful load capacity: 600 kg


Main characteristics:

  • compact design

  • soft start and stop thanks to built-in control

  • control can be requested with different user interfaces (push-button, touch screen, remote control)

  • the pullers are supplied with an EK (CE marked) declaration of conformity and a work safety conformity type test

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