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We received a special mayor's award!

To our great pleasure, our company received a special mayor's award for its participation in the "Floral, clean front 2023" movement.

Winning the award is a great honor for us, and we are proud that we could contribute to the beautification of Veresegyház with our work!

Our company pays special attention to environmental protection and sustainability as well as aesthetics. Winning the award is also proof of this aspiration. At our company, we consider it important that our workplace is a pleasant and livable environment. To this end, we try to create as many green areas as possible at our site.We have planted a variety of plants on our premises, including perennials and shrubs as well as trees. The plants were carefully selected to be in harmony with each other and the environment.Winning the award is an additional motivation for us to continue paying special attention to environmental protection and sustainability.

Our company's environmental protection measures:

  • We have installed a solar system at our site, with which we provide our own energy supply.

  • We selectively collect and utilize waste.

  • We reduce our water consumption by installing rainwater retention systems.

According to our plans, we will continue our green efforts in the future and thus continue to contribute to the beautification of Veresegyház and our surroundings!

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